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Why Startup Aotearoa?

Every startup journey is different and comes with its own challenges. We're here to help you navigate these obstacles, so you can focus on turning your idea into a successful business.


Entrepreneurs have many questions:

  • Is the problem I'm addressing unique?
  • Does a market exist for my solution?
  • Can my idea be scaled effectively?
  • How do I secure funding for its development?
  • Where can I access timely and pertinent advice from the right experts?

Startup Aotearoa will work with you to address these questions and more.

Meet our Startup Coaches

Marian Johnson

Chief Executive - MoA

Anna Devcich

Business Manager - Soda Inc.

Joe Slater

GM of Startups - Creative HQ

Tracy Atkin

CEO - Marlborough Capital

Ella Reshef

Innovation Specialist - Soda Inc.

Jamie Cairns

Growth Consultant

Pauli Sosa

Startup Advisor - GridAKL

Mr G

Founder, Strategist & Coach

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What’s the difference between a startup and a small business? 

High Growth Startups

Startups go beyond providing products or services; they create something innovative and unique, capable of rapid expansion and growth.

A startup may introduce groundbreaking technology, an innovative approach to an existing problem, or a disruptive business model - pushing boundaries at the industry forefront.

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Small-to-Medium Business

On the flip side, a small-to-medium business typically concentrates on delivering established products or services, catering to a local or niche market.

Although both startups and small businesses play vital roles in the NZ business landscape, the difference lies in the innovative and high-growth characteristics of startups.

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