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Startup Aotearoa is here to support early-stage Kiwi founders, just like you. 

If you’re ready to take the next step on your startup journey, request your free personalised coaching session now, and together, we’ll transform your idea into a thriving startup!

How it Works

Request a coaching session

Complete the meeting request form, we'll review your details and share the next steps

Meet your coach

Select a time that suits your schedule, then meet your coach either in person or virtually

Time for action

Your coach will provide some connections, resources and actions to help you move forward

Book a follow-up session

When you're ready, book a follow-up session with your coach to continue your progress

Why connect with a startup coach?

  1. Trusted advice: Receive trusted guidance as you navigate the initial phases of the entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Tailored support: Our experienced startup coaches provide advice aligned with your unique journey.
  3. Actionable outcomes: Walk away with an action plan to accelerate your business planning and strategy.
  4. Business ideation: Collaborate closely with an experienced startup coach to refine your business strategy. 
  5. Personal development: Acquire crucial tools for making informed decisions throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  6. Resource access: Unlock a wealth of resources essential for the development and growth of your early-stage startup.
  7. It’s a free opportunity: This personalised service is completely free, so book a coaching session today to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey